Samantha Lost All Her Money and Possessions during a Robbery, and is Still Dedicated to Giving Back to Help Others

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Name: Samantha Johana
Big Goal: To become a pediatrician so she can help children
Big Obstacle: Robbed of all her possessions and is struggling to raise the necessary funds to complete her education
What Samantha Needs: Assistance with tuition and access to current technology

Samantha is a 23-year-old student living in Peguy-ville Meyotte, Haiti with her parents, four brothers and three sisters.

As the fourth of eight children, Samantha experienced a major life regression when thieves broke into her home. Not only was her privacy violated: taken from her during the robbery was all the money she had, her passport, important documents and all other worldly possessions. What they couldn’t steal was her passion and desire to want to help others.

Samantha recently enrolled in university to study Public Relations, a 2-year program designed to be a stepping stone toward becoming a pediatrician. Currently, Samantha relies on assistance from family to help cover costs. This is a daunting task, with a father employed as a security guard and a mother forced to stay home to raise the children. It’s important to understand that in Haiti the minimum wage is $4.00/day. Many people are earning considerably less than the minimum, making it incredibly difficult to raise tuition. With the average cost of university in Haiti running between $2,000 and $3,000 annually, it’s easy to see why donor support is needed to help these special individuals reach their goals.

Samantha has a passion for reading and a thirst for knowledge. Her dream job is to become a pediatrician, so she can do her part to help the children of tomorrow. Although French is her native tongue, Samantha has already achieved a comprehension level of the English language, attained by watching movies and listening to music, and is now practising hard to learn Spanish. It’s easy to spot a dedicated person, and Samantha is demonstrating her commitment through her actions.

“I can help more children if I can learn to communicate with them in their own language,says Samantha.

Samantha has some experience using a computer simply because her school offers a limited number of laptops to the students to use for homework assignments. The ability to work online would help her raise the needed funds so she could pursue her dream of studying STEM, on her way to becoming a pediatrician. Access to current technology, along with a better understanding of these technologies, will open the doors to better job opportunities, the ability to compete globally and the opportunity to earn a decent wage. Samantha already understands that technology is an important tool for research and expanding knowledge, and plans on helping others in Haiti by sharing this knowledge through teaching what she has learned to the people in her community.

Money does not equate to success for Samantha. Instead, she believes giving back by helping others is the true meaning of success. And she is right! We can all help by registering to support Samantha. Your donations will go a long way toward providing current technology, not just making her dream come true, but the dreams of those she helps.

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By Geordie Seed