IAMCP WIT Haiti Project – Frequently Asked Questions


At Microsoft Inspire we announced that IAMCP WIT would be running a women’s event in Haiti. At the time we were big on vision and small on details. Over the last two months our IAMCP WIT Steering Committee have worked hard to flesh out exactly how this will unfold. We think this FAQ may answer all your questions.

What is the Purpose of the Event in Haiti?

Women from IAMCP WIT and Microsoft will be running a one day inspirational event at the Best Western in Petionville, Haiti (just outside of Port au Prince) to paint a picture of careers in technology, to inspire women that they can dream and aspire to learn technology and to let them know that free computer education will be available to them at a local computer lab, built by IAMCP WIT and our sponsors.

What Is the Event Agenda?

The event will be a series of speakers (primarily French speaking) and will include local Haitians who have successfully created a career in technology and who will share their experience of what life is like for them now.

We will also highlight examples of jobs in technology that exist and open the eyes of attendees who have not been exposed to anything other than “teacher, doctor or engineer”. We will let the attendees know that an education in technology is now possible because of the computer lab that is available for them to access free of charge.

We will also focus on the attendee experience so that every woman feels empowered, inspired and cared for by a larger community.

When is the One Day Event Taking Place?

The one day event will occur in August 2018. We are currently finalizing the actual date. Volunteers who go down to Haiti to help run the event will likely be in Haiti for 5 days.

Why is the Event Being Run in French?

Creole and French are the two main languages in Haiti. While most of the young women also learn English at school, many of the attendees will not understand English. We will have local translators available to help the Microsoft and IAMCP WIT women who are attending as volunteers and who want to communicate and connect.

Who is Eligible to Attend the One Day Event?

We will be targeting young women in high school or recent high school graduates. Due to the third world nature of Haiti, we expect that older women will attend as well. This event has already created a buzz and the local population are very excited about it.

Will Men Be Able to Attend the One Day Event?

No. This event will be for women only.

Why Are You Raising Tuition Funds for Men as Well as Women?

Because IAMCP WIT supports and believes in diversity and several young men have been identified as needy and worthy; however the bulk of our tuition efforts will be focused on women.

How Many People Have You Identified for Tuition?

20 young women and 2 young men.

Have All of Those People Been Selected Yet?

No. Harvest for Humanity is still in the process of selecting these individuals.

What is the Selection Criteria for a Tuition Candidate?

Harvest for Humanity is looking for individuals who are doing well in school and considered high potential in terms of their ability to learn and their desire to help their community. These individuals will be from some of the poorest families and are either unable to continue high school without tuition assistance or cannot enter or complete university without tuition assistance.

What Will the Tuition Money Be Used For?

The tuition will either pay for the individual to complete high school, be put toward their university tuition fees, or to support travel and tuition for internships outside of Haiti. The dispersement and management of the tuition fees will be by Harvest for Humanity and will support the individual learning plan for each recipient of the tuition gift.

How Much of the Donated Money Will be Used for Administration?

None. All of the money donated for tuition fees will be used for tuition fees. All of the money donated by corporate sponsors to build and run the lab or run the event will be used for that purpose. All of the individuals attending as volunteers are responsible for their own travel and expenses.

Will Any of the Speakers Be Paid to Speak?

No; however, we may pay the travel fees if a required speaker is unable to afford travel costs.

Where will the Computer Lab be located?

At the Harvest for Humanity headquarters in Fermanthe, Haiti.

How Will People Access the Computer Lab?

There will be a registration process and on-going sign-up for the computer lab. IAMCP WIT is also hiring a teacher to manage the lab and to help each student who attends to build out a personalized curriculum.

Does This Mean You Are Creating a Full-Time Job for a Teacher in Haiti?

Yes and we are very excited about this.

How Will the Students Access Courses Online?

We are currently looking for a learning partner to help us with this. The teacher will be the liaison between the learning partner and the students at the lab.

Can I Volunteer to Go to Haiti?

There is a limit on the number of volunteers who can attend in person. Volunteers will either have a specific role in putting on the event, or be one of the sponsors who has raised funds for one of the 22 individuals and who would like to meet them in person to build connection or to mentor that individual. If you are interested in volunteering, please add your name to our mail list at http://staging.iamcp.ca/harvest-for-humanity/

All volunteers will be responsible for their own travel costs currently estimated at between $2,500 and $3,500 each.

What is the Best Way for Me to Get Involved?

We really need some donation funds at this time. Here are the types of donations we need. Please note you do not have to raise all of it, a partial donation is very welcome.

  1. Commit to raising tuition funds for one of the individuals. (Approximately $2,500 USD per individual)
  2. Commit to raising funds to pay the salary of the teacher we are hiring to run the computer lab (Approximately $5,000 / year USD)
  3. Commit to raising funds to build the computer lab (Approximately $20,000 USD).
  4. Commit to raising funds to run the one day event (Approximately $5,000 USD).

Got more questions? Reach out to Shann McGrail shannm@devreve.com who will either answer or direct your question to someone who can.