Dominique Wants to Take Her Business & Technology Education Far so She Can Bring It All Home Again

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Name: Dominique D.
Big Goal: To impact her country in a positive way by gaining the technology and business skills she needs to succeed but also by sharing these skills with other students.
Big Obstacle: Lack of money and a heightened sense of worry about transportation, school fees.
What Dominique Needs: A scholarship to complete her Business Management master and begin the computer science program of her dreams.  

Dominique D. has two goals that drive her every day – to become a successful global business and technology leader representing her country and to make her mother smile. Abandoned at a young age by her father who had numerous other children with other women, Dominique and her mother have fought a constant battle each day to ensure they have the basic necessities of life. To do this, Dominique’s mother works tirelessly at a job that does not pay well, but pays consistently. She works in a lottery centre, where her income varies according to the day and the number of people who visit the center. 

It is the motivation to remove these daily challenges that propels Danaëlle to continue to excel in her studies despite hunger, something that is important to both women, as they know Dominique’s education is their greatest opportunity. 

To me, success is doing positive things that impact people’s lives, challenging work that pays off, a powerful goal reached, and a project realized. I need a helping hand for myself, but I also want to be that helping hand extended back to the young people who I want to help along the path that I am following.”  

When I was 15 years old, I left my beloved school and was sent to school at the government-funded Lycée. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t go to a more prestigious school. I quickly realized how much my mother was struggling financially and I vowed then and there to never question again why my circumstances had to be a certain way. I was going to focus on the things I could control – my grades, my attitude, and my dedication. Since then, I have always been at the top of my class, doing my best, in everything I do. This is how I can thank my mother. 

Dominique describes herself at 20 as a “techno-holic”, addicted to everything that is linked to technology.  She is currently studying at the École Nationale Superieure de Technologie (ENST) and is in her second year. She is positive that technology is not only the career choice for her but the answer to many of life’s greatest challenges for all. With a view that technology can help to educate, maintain communication, assist in healthcare and transform the way business is done today, Dominique wants to be one of the people who help her country evolve with the help of technology.  

I’m not only working for myself, but I’m working to impact my country. Everything I learn now, and will learn later, will be shared, will be used to improve life conditions. I want to help my generation, and those to come, with technology. I truly believe that Haiti, and Haitian women especially, have the power, the knowledge and the ability to work hard enough to make our country better.” 

by Rebecca Mayville