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Why You Belong

You’re a Canadian-based company delivering B2B or B2C solutions using technologies like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365.

You’re responding to customers’ needs in the face of rapid technological change and market disruption, aligning your strategies and solutions to Microsoft’s innovation roadmap.

You’re pursuing opportunities to drive growth and expand into new revenue-generating areas.


You are busy.


What You Need

The right partner, at the right time.

The right Microsoft resources. Right now.

A global venue to showcase your unique offerings and champion your brand; to connect with and learn from industry experts and channel leaders.  A trusted network of shared knowledge and evolving best practices; a trusted source of referral and alliance opportunities.

A powerful advocate who will magnify your presence, amplify your voice, extend your reach, expand your possibilities.  Who makes you big, regardless of your size.

How We Help

We’ll guide you quickly to the Microsoft partner resources and contacts you need.

We’ll keep you informed with curated news and analysis, and we’ll keep you connected with unique networking and educational opportunities.  Our global roster of events will give you ready access to best practices, expert collaboration and peer advice.

We’ll help you build strong, long-lasting, reciprocal business relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We’ll empower you to deepen and broaden your market reach through peer referrals and alliance opportunities. And we’ll give you the step-by-step guidance to embark on a successful partner journey.


Our Peer-to-Peer Community

Join us and become a part of the world’s largest network of Microsoft partners. IAMCP members engage in over $10.2BN annually of joint Partner-to-Partner business as ranked by the IDC. Compared to non-members, they report higher revenues and profits. Partners who take advantage of IAMCP’s peer-to-peer networking opportunities make more connections and get more business.

Explore our P2P Guide and learn how to choose the right partner at the right time.

Hear from our Members

“IAMCP Canada has helped us grow our business through networking events, online webinars and one-to-one connections. We have expanded our network within Microsoft and across the Microsoft eco-system, learning from others while growing our business.” Steve Noel, VP Business Productivity, ITCloud.ca

“Being part of IAMCP Canada has helped accelerate our ability to connect to the right Microsoft resources quickly and find the right Peer-to-Peer partners to work with on some of our larger projects.  IAMCP Canada is like our ‘concierge’ to accessing the right Microsoft resources in a timely manner.” Andrew Coulsen, CEO Slalom

“I have been engaged in the IAMCP community for over 12 years. As the GM, Canada for New Signature, our membership in IAMCP Canada has helped us quickly expand our Peer to Peer Microsoft channel partner network and access expertise to supplement our own internal skill sets and resources. As a member, New Signature has benefitted from being a part of IAMCP Canada knowing that they have Microsoft’s ‘ear’ and can advocate on behalf of all partners with an amplified voice.” Peter Mackenzie, GM Canada, New Signature


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