Thamar Needs Two Things in Life to Succeed – Technology & Your Support

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Name: Thamar C.
Big Goal: To have the means to open a new hospital and orphanage in her village.
Big Obstacle: She is completely on her own, without family to help support her, and therefore does not have the ability to work and educate herself.
What Thamar Needs: Thamar needs a scholarship for computer science classes.

For Thamar, success isn’t about the amount of money you have or the possessions you own. For this young woman, it means acquiring the knowledge to be a successful business person who can give back to her community by building a new hospital and orphanage.

“After losing my mother when I was very young, I have known the generosity and love of people who are not related to me but continue to help me when I need it. My goal then was to survive and find a home, and now that I’m older, my goal is my education.”

Learning and continuing to discover innovative ideas are Thamar’s passions. With a goal of studying at one of the world’s most prestigious schools, MIT, Thamar has set her sights on receiving an education in computer science.

“I have a lot of things that I love but the most important is technology. My computer is my favourite possession because, with it, I can learn even when I don’t have the money to attend school. I love studying and attending lectures and my goal is to study robotics. I want to leave my mark and share my knowledge to help others move forward.”

Thamar knows the difficulties that her community struggles with because she shares those struggles. Without money to eat regularly, attend school and gain basic access to healthcare, it is difficult to even imagine setting goals such as getting a scholarship and having the means to make monetary contributions to her community.

“I understand hunger and the lack of money for school or prescriptions. I know what it’s like to need to see a doctor because you are ill but there is no money to pay for this healthcare. I know all the difficulties and that is why I help now in whatever small way I can. But my big goal is to gain the economic position where I can provide more help. My education is the greatest way I can help my community.”

by Rebecca Mayville