Specializing in Microsoft Cloud Pays Off for Quebec CSP

In 2005, IT Cloud Solutions open their doors as the only provider in Canada to deliver 24/7 supervised cloud backup. IT Cloud Solutions supervised backup solutions is monitored every day by an expert technician verifying successful backup and taking immediate action to resolve issues.  VP of Sales and Business Development, David Latulippe and his team developed a strong reputation in the marketplace based on reliability and accountability and as such realized great success with this business model.

  • 100% supervised Cloud backup success rate
  • 500+ reseller partners
  • 15,000+ customers
  • 25% YoY growth

Since the majority of IT Solution Providers in Canada are small businesses (under 20 employees), IT Cloud Solutions focused their efforts on simplifying the onboarding process and providing exemplary service at an affordable price – the trifecta of what small businesses (MSP or end user) are looking for.

At WPC in 2016, IT Cloud Solutions made a major company growth decision to become a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP).  As such, they are able to provide their partners and customers with more value-added services, such as Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.  They felt that exclusively providing Cloud Backup Solutions was enough.  By adding Office 365 and Exchange Online on their partner portal, they have attracted a lot of small MSP’s and end users.

After 12 months of working with Microsoft as a CSP, IT Cloud Solutions

  • Added 150 customers per month
  • Realized incremental growth of 50%
  • Recognized by Microsoft as #1 for both Net Customer Acquisition (NCA) and Net Seat Acquisition (NSA) out of 262 Microsoft Managed CSP Partners in Canada
  • Received gold competency in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, Cloud Productivity and silver competency in Content and Collaboration.

Their easy-to-onboard partner portal allows MSP’s to subscribe customers to cloud backup and Office 365 solutions in under 30 seconds so they can start configuration right away.  IT Cloud Solutions also offers training and education, the type of exemplary service that small businesses deserve but don’t often receive.

As a result of their success with Microsoft, IT Cloud Solutions was awarded Silver in the IAMCP Canada awards for 2017.

Please join me in welcoming IT Cloud Solutions to IAMCP Canada.

Visit them at www.itcloud.ca

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