Patricia Could Make A Monumental Impact in her Community and on the Lives of So Many by Simply Having Access to Current Technology

Name: Patricia S.
Big Goal: Obtain a master’s degree in criminology, teach English in her community, and encourage woman to become advocates for their rights
Big Obstacle: Lack of funding and access to computers
What Patricia Needs: Computer access, mentorship and tuition so she can further her studies

Patricia is a 22-year-old law student who dedicates all her time and focus on completing her final year. She is also actively studying English in the access program because she understands the importance of speaking the universal language. The youngest of five children, none of whom currently live at home, Patricia resides in Port-au-Prince with relatives.

Once she graduates, Patricia’s dream is to study abroad to get her master’s degree in criminology. Her goals are lofty – she wants to run her own business, become fluent in English so that she can give back to her community, and write a book that would coach women on how to become advocates in the fight supporting the protection of young women in Haiti. These goals are all unselfishly aimed toward helping others and improving her community. Because the minimum wage in Haiti is $4/day, with many earning substantially less, it isn’t realistic for Patricia to try and hold down a job while going through such a rigorous program at school. She needs our support.

Access to technology is a constant challenge in Haiti, and paramount for those interested in pursuing a STEM education. Patricia knows that technology would be of great assistance to her studies and communications by allowing her to complete assignments in a timely manner and keep her connected to those who play a key role in her daily life.

Patricia told us, “As a leader, I’ve encountered many challenges. My group had to make a presentation last year where all the conditions were setting us up to fail – due to lack of materials, not enough time, and schedules not coinciding. This could have been avoided if we had access to our own computers. With less than five days to finish, we were scrambling to find materials. I did my best to motivate everyone and go that extra step to ensure our presentation was one of the best. I won’t consider myself successful until I’ve helped others reach their own goals, while keeping them focused on the advancement of our society.”

Patricia wants to give back to her community, educate others, volunteer her time and teach what she has learned. But she needs access to current technology so she can make an impact. Your generous donations will be felt for years to come.

by Geordie Seed