Technology is Empowering Neissa to Strive for Further Education

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Name: Neissa Gravil
Big Goal: To gain the skills and knowledge to build a business so she can create opportunities for others.
Big Obstacle: Neissa is setting goals and trying to reach them all on her own, with little or no assistance from her family.
What Neissa Needs: Neissa needs a scholarship to keep attending school 

As the youngest of five girls, Neissa Gravil has not had many opportunities handed to her. Each day, Neissa struggles, along with her family, to get enough money to eat. While her older sisters have made plans to marry and move out of their parents’ house, Neissa remains because she has a different goal. 

“My dream is to study abroad. I believe that I am an entrepreneur at heart and am fascinated with the men and women who are successful in business. I want to start my own company and become an inspiration to others like I have been inspired.” 

To get where she wants to go, Neissa relies heavily on technology to provide the access to education she struggles with.  

“Success to me means being in control of your life. There are many things in my life right now that I don’t have control over – the amount of money available for my education, the availability of food to eat, and the inability to alter the unencouraging attitudes of my parents. But, with technology, I have the power to discover and make plans for tomorrow.” 

Neissa truly believes that the challenges in her life have made her a stronger person. She enjoys debating and knows that it is important to be able to articulate what you believe in.  

“This scholarship means so much to me because, once I get it, I will truly be able to make a difference in another person’s life. This is because, once my education is paid for, someone else can be given the money that would have gone to me. This is the power of opportunity and community.” 

by Rebecca Mayville