Neila Wants to Continue Her Education so One Day She Can Empower The Youth from Her Community to Strive for Greatness

Sponsored by Dean Armintrout

Name: Neila R.
Big Goal: Graduate in Social Work, Human Resources and Hotel Management, become a Master Chef, then work on her master’s degree so she has the necessary skills to help the youth of Haiti
Big Obstacle: Completing her education and having a conduit through which she can share her knowledge with the community
What Neila Needs: Computer access, mentorship, and tuition to further her studies

Neila is a 19-year-old student, currently enrolled as a senior at the Institution du Sacre-Coeur. She attends English and computer classes in the Access Program sponsored by the US Embassy. This program is designed to help students like Neila achieve her goals as she develops leadership skills. As a student, Neila lives with her mother, younger brother and aunt. Her economical situation is what we consider to be poverty. She wakes each day with her goals in mind and works diligently to make things better. Hard work and studies leave little time to have a social life, but Neila is willing to make sacrifices to improve her life.

After graduating high school, Neila wants to attend college abroad to study Hotel Management, with a focus on becoming an international Master Chef. In 5 years, she will be ready to start her career in one of the most beautiful resorts in Haiti, while studying part-time toward obtaining her master’s degree.

Neila is also passionate about social work because she gets joy from helping others. Her favourite activity is sitting with the youngest kids in a group to discuss their problems and find a solution together – sharing what she has learned so the youth can become positive role models for generations to come. It’s about changing the paradigm to create a new positive and prosperous circle of life.

Neila was quoted as saying – “When I’m successful, I’d like to create an association that extends across the country, so that all young adults can receive the help needed to follow the best path on their way to becoming future leaders who share a similar vision.”

It’s inconceivable to think that in 2018 someone is getting by without the aid of technology, when here at home we simply take it for granted. But that is the reality in Haiti and for students like Neila. Access to technology will allow these people to be more productive and knowledgeable, and give them a leg up as they face their challenges head on. For Neila, it would mean that she could make those desperately needed connections with youth nationwide so she can share her message of strength, courage and hope.

Everything Neila is trying to accomplish is done with her vision of a better tomorrow for her community, her country and today’s youth. She wants the young adults of Haiti to practise integrity and fight against corruption. All we need do is offer our financial support so one young woman can see her dreams of change come true.

by Geordie Seed