Microsoft launches Office 365

Today Jon Roskill sent an email to all Microsoft Partners about the launch of Office 365.  A copy of that email was sent to all IAMCP Canada contacts.  Microsoft also sent out press releases that showcased 18 IAMCP members, 5 of whom were from Canada.  Another reason to be an IAMCP Canada Member!

An excerpt from Jon’s email follows. If you missed the email and want further details please contact officeiamcp@localhost/point-iam.

From Jon Roskill’s email.

We stand at an exciting moment together, the launch of Office 365 and the availability of Office 365 Open and Full Packaged Product (FPP), which I announced back in July at the Worldwide Partner Conference. Your feedback was instrumental to adding Open and FPP licensing subscriptions to Office 365, and the benefits of these selling models for partners are clear.

I’m very excited about the opportunities Office 365 Open unlocks for partners – and you can start taking advantage of the launch with three simple actions:

1. Use it! Sign-up for Cloud Essentials and get 25 sets of Office 365 to deploy internally and access to delegated administration to manage your customers better. Use the cloud to sell the cloud!
2. Promote it! Use our Office 365 Best Campaign and the Productivity/Discover Days Campaign syndication assets to drive demand and trial.
3. Sell it! Familiarise yourself with the new Office 365 Open & FPP sales process to sell as a standalone solution or bundled with your own products and services.