Metra IT Receives Invaluable Support through IAMCP Membership

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86% of Information and Communication Technology companies in Canada are small businesses and even though SMB is dominating the Canadian technology marketplace, small businesses still feel like a little fish in a big pond.  Most often, small businesses do not have the same resources for marketing, on-going training and industry support creating a gap in their ability to grow and scale alongside their enterprise counterparts.

Principal Consultant at Metra IT, Anthony Metrakos knows this truth all too well.  Metra IT promotes the Microsoft suite by acting as an extension of O365 through training SMB’s, emphasizing the productivity capabilities of each application, showing his clients the true value of the cloud service. Metrakos says, “As a small business, budgets are limited, I have to be creative and innovative with where and how I allocate those resources.”

Associations like IAMCP give small businesses leverage in an enterprise environment and provide big buzz for a few bucks.  Small businesses that join IAMCP gain access to innovative business practices and strategies.  They become an integral part of a diverse network of partners who are leveraging relationships and expertise to enhance their own offering, while reaching back to advance other community members.  And most importantly, the IAMCP gives small businesses the opportunity and platform to get their name and reputation out there to the Microsoft Partner masses.

Already a success story, Metra IT has partnered with a cloud company in Montreal and is quickly realizing the power of partnership.  Metrakos explains, “I have direct access to an Office MVP and have gained transformative insights from his knowledge and connections.”  Metrakos intends on utilizing IAMCP training and support but comments that, “the partnerships created through this association are invaluable to my small business.”

To leverage the resources available for your small business, join IAMCP Canada today.

To learn more about Metra IT, please visit or follow them on twitter @metra_IT