Marie-Claire — Changing The Story You Were Given

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Name: Marie-Claire J.
Big Goal: To use technology to improve the economy of her country and create better jobs
Big Obstacle: Jobs often require grueling working conditions and have very limited pay
What Marie-Claire Needs: Support in pursuing her audiovisual journalist career

Marie-Claire J., a 30-year-old audiovisual journalist with big ideas, knows that technology is going to be the key to accomplishing her goals. 

This vibrant young woman, who studied Business Administration at university, believes that greater access to technology will be critical in bringing Haitians the educational and work opportunities they need. In turn, she says, they will elevate their expectations and their lives.  

Marie-Claire comes from a large family of six sisters, and in the last year has begun a little family of her own in Petionville. This family is the reason, indirectly, she has had to give up on her childhood dream of being a journalist. 

In Haiti, Marie-Claire says, working conditions are often quite difficult, and workers don’t get any say in what their days will look like. When she worked in journalism, Marie-Claire was often required to be on the road for several weeks at a time — and there was no option to travel less once she was married.  

So she quit her job, and settled down doing administration work instead. Instead of focusing on what she has lost, she is grateful that, unlike many in her situation, she had the chance to achieve her childhood dream:  

Iwas a childhood dream of mine that I was able to realize, but life has taught me to choose the priority. To be successful in all aspects of my life I must turn away from what I have always dreamed of doing and do what I have to do.” 

Those around her, Marie-Claire sees, do not believe they can do the same. She can still see the legacy of slavery in their cast-down attitudes, looks, and in their acceptance of poverty. 

I want to help others feel proud of themselves and help them discover their potential by doing community activities. Discover their talents, help connect them with those who possess and have developed the talent. To be not afraid to share new knowledge and through that we will each become a link in a chain of possibilities.” 

She believes that increasing access to computers and the global internet community can allow her, and the Haitian people, to access a world full of more possibilities and ideas than they knew existed. And when they can access the same opportunities as people in developed nations, they are no longer helpless due to lack of privilege.  

Only then can they change the story they were given and begin to create a better world.