Growing Up Never Knowing Her Father, Magdarlyne Has Developed into an Independent Woman Who Wants A STEM Education, So She Can Help Others

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Name: Magdarlyne Perrier
Big Goal: Graduate from a STEM program and ultimately work in healthcare to educate and serve others
Big Obstacle: Tuition fees
What Magdarlyne Needs: Tuition support, computer access, ongoing English lessons and mentorship

On the back of her mother’s hard work and scrupulous savings, Magdarlyne was fortunate to be able to attend and finish high school. A tough task, considering her mother also supports her four brothers while earning a meagre wage working as a merchant. (Note: While minimum wage in Haiti is $4.00 / day, most Haitians make less than that, with women earning $1.00 to $2.00 per day.)

Magdarlyne learned how to use Word and Excel in high school, but requires better access to technology so she can advance to a level that will allow her to continue her studies in hopes of achieving a level of success that will ultimately have a positive impact on her, her family, and those she helps.

As a 26-year-old student living in Petionville, Haiti, Magdarlyne is currently enrolled in the University of Port-au-Prince, where she is studying public relations, with dreams of taking STEM courses and graduating in healthcare. Magdarlyne is literally scraping together her pennies to pay for school with her part-time job at Red Cross Haiti. She is already helping others, on the road to a career that will let her continue doing that very thing – making her the epitome of dedication and determination. Magdarlyne can’t do this alone; she desperately needs donor support to assist with tuition fees, so she can accomplish her goal.

After 18 months of studying English, Magdarlyne has a very basic understanding of the language. The simple things we take for granted, such as access to a computer, would provide Magdarlyne with the tools and opportunities to expedite her ability to learn.

Success to Magdarlyne means being independent and self-sustaining. Being able to spread her knowledge would be rewarding and empowering. Since Magdarlyne is already on a path to help those in need, it’s a wonderful opportunity to open your heart and donate, knowing that your gift will make a monumental impact by helping to make dreams come true.

By Geordie Seed