IAMCP Canada Welcomes Newest Board Member – John Zarei

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Agility and drive are two highly sought after characteristics of a remarkable treasurer.  John Zarei, CEO of Point Alliance knows all about driving growth and having the agility to meet customer demand and has graciously volunteered his time to be the treasurer of IAMCP Canada.  John heads up the cloud and web services practice of Point Alliance, a Toronto-based award winning provider of IT strategies and solutions.

As a long-time member of IAMCP and a long-time Microsoft Partner, John felt it was time to get more involved in the community.  He and his team have presented and attended numerous IAMCP webinars as well as attended IAMCP events, meetings, golf clinics and WPC/Inspire activities.

“We have seen an increased number of client engagements coming from our joint sales and delivery efforts with a variety of our partners.  Having an active role in the IAMCP community means we will stay in close contact to the Microsoft ecosystem and amplify those engagements,” said John Zarei, CEO Point Alliance

John looks forward to working with other Microsoft Partners to assist in communicating and influencing Partner initiatives while serving the IAMCP community through his role as treasurer.  The IAMCP Board welcomes John and thanks him for his commitment to this position and looks forward to working with this driven and agile individual.