IAMCP WIT is proud to partner with Harvest for Humanity to deliver our First Ever Women’s Conference in Haiti

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” Robert Kennedy

#BeBold and join us in 2018 when we carry a message of hope, inspiration and education for young girls and women in Haiti.

This first-ever event needs IAMCP WIT members from around the world to help us make this conference happen.

Conference Goals

• To let the women of Haiti know that they are not alone
• To help them gain access to knowledge, technology and people so that each individual can realize their potential
• To find and match tuition donors for girls who want to pursue STEM education at the university level

Find A Way to Give Back

With a Vision Beyond Her Years, Darline Knows What Her Country and Its People Need in Order to Rebuild… Hope

Name: Darline C. Big Goal: Study International Relations and become a Development Agent for Haiti Big Obstacle: Tuition Fees What Darline Needs: Tuition support; work experience; access to technology Darline is in her final year of studies at College Classique...
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When a Lack of Funds Meant No Education, This Young Woman Cleaned Classrooms to Pay Her Own Way

Name: Shella J. Big Goal: Start a nutrition business catering to people with diabetes, providing jobs for others as well Big Obstacle: Tuition fees What Shella Needs: Tuition support; work experience The second of four daughters, 21-year-old Shella lives with her...
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With your support, Wandalesky can achieve her goal of getting a university education so she can help others in Haiti to live better lives

Name: Wandalesky B. Big Goal: To earn a university degree in marketing, and to encourage Haiti’s youth to strive for successful careers Big Obstacle: With her father deceased and a single mother working part-time, Wandalesky is lacking financial support What...
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Already Demonstrating Exceptional Leadership Skills, this Visionary Young Woman Has Plans for How Technology Can Help Shape Haiti’s Future

Name: Stefania E. Big Goal: Bring Haiti’s young people into the 21st century by teaching them about technology and improving their employment opportunities Big Obstacle: Tuition fees What Stefania Needs: Tuition support; greater access to technology Like many Haitian...
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With Haiti’s Struggling Economy in Her Cross-Hairs, this Tenacious Young Woman is Determined to Make a Difference

Name: Clarisse A. Big Goal: Study economics and help to change Haiti’s economic status Big Obstacle: Tuition fees What Clarisse Needs: Tuition support to complete her studies; access to technology In Clarisse’s family, funding education is a challenge, particularly as...
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With 5 Languages Under Her Belt, This Young Woman Has the Potential to Use Technology to Climb Out of Poverty – With Your Help

Name: Laure-Naїveka Charles Big Goal: Graduate from a linguistics program and become an international translator Big Obstacle: Tuition fees What Laure-Naїveka Needs: Tuition support to complete her studies; greater access to technology Laure-Naїveka lives in Haiti’s...
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As An Advocate for Children, Sophie Is on A Selfless Career Path Focused on Ensuring that the Orphans in her Community Will Have a Future

***This young woman, Sophie, has been adopted by WIT partner Christine Bongard who is spearheading her fundraising efforts. If you would like to support her, click the “Donate Now” button.*** Name: Sophie O. Big Goal: To be an advocate for children by owning and...
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A Shining Light in the Face of Adversity – How One Young Woman is Overcoming Struggles to Make Her World a Better Place

Name: Sheїla G. Big Goal: Graduate from a management program and ultimately work to help the community, particularly the children, as they are our future Big Obstacle: Tuition fees What Sheїla Needs: Tuition support to complete her studies; greater access to...
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Bithja Longs To Finish Her Education So She In Turn Can Help Educate Others

Big Goal: Open a school to teach English to Haitian students, allowing them to compete in the global economy Big Obstacle: Tuition fees, computer literacy What Bithja Needs: Tuition support, computer access, ongoing English lessons and mentorship Bithja Milord is a...
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Neila Wants to Continue Her Education so One Day She Can Empower The Youth from Her Community to Strive for Greatness

Name: Neila R. Big Goal: Graduate in Social Work, Human Resources and Hotel Management, become a Master Chef, then work on her master’s degree so she has the necessary skills to help the youth of Haiti Big Obstacle: Completing her education and having a conduit...
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Haiti Needs Our Help

Haiti ranks 168 out of 187 on the 2014 Human Development Index (UNDP 2015)

59% of the population lives on less than $2US per day (World Bank 2012)

24.7% lives in extreme poverty on less than $1.25US per day. (UNDP 2013)

Over two-thirds of the labor force do not have formal jobs. (CIA Factbook 2014)

50 percent of children do not attend school. (World Bank 2013)

Approximately 30% of children attending primary school will not make it to third grade; 60% will abandon school before sixth grade. (UNICEF 2008)

Only 29 percent of Haitians 25 and above attended secondary school. (USAID 2015)

Haiti’s literacy rate is 61% – 64% for males and 57% for females. (CIA Factbook Nov 2015) The average literacy rate for Latin American and Caribbean developing countries is 92%. (World Bank 2015)

Source: haitipartners.org/about-us/haiti-statistics/