Haiti Update – August 2017

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School Update – Thank You

The school in Haiti recently adopted by Harvest for Humanity serves over 300 children and their families. For the last two years, teachers have not been paid and the children have had no desks, books or other supplies – but that is about to change. The generous $15,000 donation received by Cheryl Leavitt (co-founder of Harvest for Humanity) at the Women in Technology Charity Luncheon is being used to purchase new computers later this week. We expect to see them in Haiti by early fall.

In addition to creating a computer lab for the students, the facility where the new equipment will be utilized will serve as an adult education space in the evenings and weekends.

Some of the funding will also be used to establish internet access at the school, as there is none today.

Women’s Conference Update – Join Us and Get Involved

Since announcing the women’s conference at Inspire, a lot has happened. Here is the update.

  1. We’ve selected the time-frame for the women’s conference and currently expect it to run the first or second week of May 2018.
  2. We have established a steering committee and built out the framework for the volunteers and work-streams we will need to make this happen.
  3. We have identified a goal of raising university tuition for twenty girls ($10,000 per girl) – an ambitious goal of $200,000– but believe we can do this with the help and support of our communities.
  4. We expect the conference to run 3 days, and yes, there will be an opportunity for some of you to travel to Haiti with us to deliver the sessions.
  5. We are beginning to identify the young girls who will be eligible to receive a tuition grant and will be profiling them as they are selected so that you can learn more about them.
  6. We will review everything on a live webinar – either later in August or early in September.
  7. Sign up today to receive updates and to learn how you can get involved.

Thanks for your generous help and support.

Gail Mercer-MacKay, IAMCP WIT Haiti Co-Chair

Julie Lafleur, Microsoft Canada Haiti Co-Chair