Haiti September Update – We Need You

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The planning for the Haiti Women’s Conference is off to a great start. We have established a Steering Committee including both Microsoft and IAMCP WIT representatives and will shortly be reaching out to our list of volunteers (thank you for signing up), to ask for you to join one of the volunteer work streams.

If you know what stream you want to volunteer for (read below) – you can email Shann McGrail at shannm@devreve.com

Location and Dates

Cheryl Leavitt from Harvest for Humanity (HH) will be traveling to Haiti on September 11 to find and finalize a location to hold the conference. Right now we are planning for the second week of May 2018. Along with Erika Vernon, Director of HH, she will begin to interview suitable candidates as potential recipients of the tuition dollars.

Goals of the Conference

We have agreed on three conference goals:

1. To hold a 1-day conference for approximately 100 Haitian women where we will educate, inspire and connect; painting a vision for them about how what jobs might be available as well as how to gain new job skills through computer-based education. The conference will include mini-workshops for learning, engagement and fun.

2. Raise tuition funds for twenty high-potential young women and men to attend university ($10,000 per person). Did you know that Haitians on average earn $1 to $2 / day putting education out of reach for most? Even completing high school is beyond the budget of most Haitians.

3. Build a new computer lab at HH to enable conference attendees (and others in the community) to take online training after the conference is over.

Onsite Volunteers

There will be room for approximately twenty onsite volunteers to help run the conference. Each volunteer will be responsible for their own travel costs. More on that later.

Work Stream Committee Volunteers

Here are the five work streams. Do you want to volunteer to help one of the committees? Send an email to shannm@devreve.com and let us know which committee you are interested in joining:

1. Tuition Sponsorships – this committee will be responsible for finding sponsorship dollars for each of the twenty high potential individuals (we will profile each person on our website as they are accepted). We expect that individual WIT Communities, partner organizations and others will work together to sponsor one individual so that the financial burden isn’t on any single person or partner.
2. Corporate Sponsorships – this committee will be responsible for finding corporate gifts such as computers, shoes, books, head-sets, desks or other material needed to run the conference and build the computer lab.
3. Communications – this committee will be responsible for creating on-going blogs, FAQs, internal and external communications, social media updates, press relations and more.
4. Volunteer Experience – this committee will be responsible for the volunteers who attend in Haiti. At this time we do not anticipate needing any additional help on this committee.
5. Conference Agenda – this committee will create the actual agenda, find speakers, select topics, and build out the attendee experience.

Steering Committee
Kati Quigley, Microsoft Corporate Liaison
Sara Gjerdevig, Microsoft Women in Partners Liaison
Monica Jain, Microsoft Canada Liaison

Julie Lafleur, Microsoft, Conference Co-Chair
Gail Mercer-MacKay, IAMCP WIT, Conference Co-Chair

Airlee Gigun, IAMCP WIT – Conference Chairperson, Tuition Sponsorships
Rochelle Colman, IAMCP WIT – Conference Chairperson, Corporate Sponsorships
Sarah Gray, IAMCP WIT – Conference Chairperson, Communications
Carole White, IAMCP WIT – Conference Chairperson, Volunteer Experience
Catherine Wood, IAMCP WIT – Conference Chairperson, Conference Agenda

Christine Bongard, IAMCP WIT Global Chair, Conference Agenda Support
Corinne Sharp, IAMCP Canada President, Conference Agenda Support
Shann McGrail, IAMCP WIT Communications Support

Cheryl Leavitt, Founder, Harvest for Humanity
Erika Vernon, Director, Harvest for Humanity

Conference Date – Second week of May 2018
Conference Location – Haiti, near Port au Prince
Conference Attendees – One hundred Haitian women