The Winds of Technology are Inspiring Ghaëlle to Pursue a Life Beyond Hunger and Sadness

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Name: Ghaëlle R.
Big Goal: To become a technology and business professional who builds businesses that nourish the basic needs of people.
Big Obstacle: Ghaëlle’s family does not currently have enough money to eat more than once a day.
What Ghaëlle Needs: A scholarship to continue her education. 

On a good day, Ghaëlle and her family have enough money for one ration of food. But good days are increasingly few and far between and Ghaëlle’s mother is forced to rely on the generosity of their neighbours to feed her daughters. Ghaëlle knows that, on top of struggling to feed her family, her mother also spends many hours trying to find the money to continue Ghaëlle’s education.  

“When I was smaller, I would hear my mother crying and go in to ask her what was wrong. Now that I’m older and can understand the burden placed upon her and how hard she works to make sure I have what little food and schooling she can provide for me, I try and leave her alone when she cries. Rather than comforting her when she cries, I focus my energy on learning so that I can become successful and stop my mother’s tears once and for all.” 

At 19, Ghaëlle is focused on positivity and team work because, as she explains, “combined, they lead to success and shared success leads to global change.” She is self-motivated and likes to compete in a race to be better every day, always striving to reach a higher goal. Being in motion and challenged keeps Ghaëlle focused on her purpose and reminds her of her motto: follow the kite.  

“Technology is the wind that keeps the kite in motion for me. It provides the inspiration and knowledge I need to pursue my education and helps me to focus on what area of business I would like to work in one day. I use technology every day, but I want to learn so much more about it. I want to have my own business, and on top of needing an education in business, I’ll need to continue to grow my technology skills.” 

With a scholarship, Ghaëlle can not only focus on her own personal education goals but knows that, with the burden of her schooling taken off her mother, she will be able to focus on Ghaëlle’s little sister, who suffers from mental disabilities that require much more specialized care and attention. Once a more stable and secure path to achieving her dreams of being a successful business woman is determined, Ghaëlle is confident that a new life will begin for all the women in her family with less hunger and less crying.  

by Rebecca Mayville