Faviona is Breaking Down Barriers Using Technology

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Name: Faviona M.
Big Goal: To break down the barriers to achieving success, for herself and her community, using technology.
Big Obstacle: Faviona needs the financial assistance required to continue her education.
What Faviona Needs: A scholarship to school.

With an older brother already attending university, Faviona has been told by her parents to accept that there is no money left for her to further her education, and to prepare for a life spent at home. But Faviona is busy making plans for a life far beyond the walls of the house. To realize those dreams and make her plans come to life, Faviona needs continued access to opportunities and the financial assistance necessary to take advantage of the scholarship available.

“I truly believe that to be successful you must be a generous person. If you have been granted the opportunities to grow and learn and realize your potential, you have a responsibility to give back to those who also need help. That is what I am working so hard for now. I want to be successful so I can become a teacher who inspires a love of learning and of being generous with your knowledge.”

As class president, one of Faviona’s best memories is the day she worked to create the most successful annual celebration of teachers at her school in Haiti. The 17th of May is the day chosen to celebrate teachers each year, but without the funding available at the school, many of these annual teacher celebrations pass by without any care or attention. Faviona couldn’t allow another year like that to go by. The class wanted to create a fair and an award’s ceremony. Of course, there was no money to be had to realize these ideas.

“When faced with a challenge, whether it be the celebration for the teachers at our school or in my own life as I strive to get more education, I am always seeking advice, searching for strategies and opportunities to figure it out. Technology has allowed me to discover the answer to many of the challenges I face. Without it, I wouldn’t have figured out how to gain sponsors for our 17th of May celebration at school. That year was the best celebration our teachers ever had, and not only was that a victory for me as Class President and our school but for the power of technology.”

Faviona is not content to sit quietly at home. She is a hard worker who is sympathetic to the needs of others and is dedicated to using technology to make her life, and the lives of those around her, better.

“I have so much I want to do in my life that I cannot possibly imagine staying at home and wasting that time. Technology is making my life easier by allowing me the freedom to continue learning even when I can’t get to school. My family has no more left to give me. It’s up to me now to start taking care of those who rely on me. With technology, I can discover those innovative strategies I need to help myself and those around me.”

by Rebecca Mayville