Dorina is on the Path to Advance Her Education & Provide for Her Community – Will You Help?

Sponsored by Julie Lafleur

Name: Dorina F.
Big Goal: To build an orphanage that provides the support and guidance needed for children to succeed in life.
Big Obstacle: A lack of funds for further education is the roadblock for Dorina.
What Dorina Needs: Dorina needs a scholarship to continue her education and realize her dreams for giving back to her community. 

 For Dorina, education and technology have a lot in common. They both provide opportunity, knowledge and an ability to grow. That is why the woman is focused on pursuing further education and advancing her skills in technology. With both, Dorina hopes to become a successful businesswoman who is able to return to her community and help those people who need it most. 

“I know that children need a tremendous amount of help. That is why I want to build an orphanage. But I also see many other groups of people in my community that are disadvantaged. The elderly, single mothers, and teenagers like me. We all deserve a chance and that is what I really want to do with my life – provide chances. I call these chances ‘blessing paths’.” 

As one of the youngest children in her family, Dorina still lives at home with her single mother and baby sister. With a scholarship, Dorina will be able to pursue her education at a higher level but it also means that her sister, who is 2 years old, will get to go to school. 

“Every day my family asks if there will be enough to eat, if we’ll have the money available for rent, and if we’ll be able to afford my schooling. With the opportunity I have to receive this scholarship, I hope to answer a few of those questions for my little sister by taking some of the financial burden off my family. I hope she will be able to start out on her ‘blessing path’ to knowledge without having to worry as much about whether she will be able to eat that day.” 

As an avid reader, Dorina is extremely interested in learning new things. At one point, she even attended two education programs: one her regular schooling and the other an advanced English program. While worried that she would be unable to handle the strain of both, Dorina not only handled both programs but succeeded by placing in the top two students at both. 

“To me, it is important to not only take the opportunities that are given to you but to also do your very best within those opportunities. I am determined to realize my dream of advancing my skills in technology and business so that I may accomplish the goals I have set out for myself. These goals do not only serve me but my community and family as well.” 

by Rebecca Mayville