Dallas and Dally Have Plans to Make the World Better

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Names: Dallas & Dally Leger
Big Goal: Finish University, Become Doctors, Support Their Siblings
Big Obstacle: Father Out of Work, No Way to Continue Education
What Dallas & Dally Need: Tuition, Access to Computers, Mentorship

Dallas and Dally are brother and sister. Hailing from a family of five children, they count themselves lucky to have attended school up until now.

Their father recently lost his job due to poor health and will not be able to return to work.

As a result, their hopes to complete their education, support their brothers and sisters and give back to their country have been crushed. Here is their story in their own words.

“My name is Dallas. I am cool, nice and intelligent. I went to the College Baptist of Fermathe. I was an excellent student and was able to study medicine at Quisqueya University for two years, but now my parents don’t have enough money to spend for me or for the education of my siblings because my dad lost his job.

My dream is to become a good doctor so that I can help the people in my country and people in the world. I would like to make the world better than today.”

“My name is Dally. I am a cool, funny and smart boy. I have lots of friends.

I have finished high school this year but I don’t have the possibility of university. I spend my spare time practicing music and I love to sing with my sister. She and I have the same dream to become doctors and to help people with our medical practice and our songs.

In the future I want to help my country and the entire world by helping to build more hospitals, schools, and charity centers.”

You can help Dallas and Dally by becoming a sponsor of our Haiti Project. Our project has three main goals:

  1. Provide tuition grants for low income, high potential students to attend university.
  2. Educate and inspire Haitians to train for digital careers so that they can have access to global online work opportunities.
  3. Build a computer lab and staff it with a teacher and online training and curriculums to provide free access for Haitians who want to learn and access the new digital economy.


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