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What is IAMCP WIT. Check out this Presentation to learn about WIT and how to get involved.

Latest update – Check out Calling All Women in the Microsoft Ecosystem – Join Us Now – an amazing blog by Gail Mercer-MacKay. Watch the video and hear about why you should join IAMCP/Women in Technology!

Join Innovative Women in Technology, part of the IAMCP! 

Join IAMCP in supporting women IT professionals within your organization! Companies are realizing the value women bring in building strong business relationships. Smart companies have developed policies directed at hiring and nurturing women within their organizations. Learn why supporting and nurturing women is good for your business!

Networking with Your Peers

The Women in Technology community are a networking group of like-minded business professionals in the Microsoft Technology eco-system. Both Microsoft employees and Microsoft partners are welcome and encouraged to participate. Some of our past events have included Goal Workshops – Finding Your Passion and Living Your Dream; Book Launches with Guest Speakers, Golf Days and just plain old fashioned networking where we get together to share ideas and grow our business and personal connections. Linkedin is great but nothing beats a face to face cup of coffee or glass of wine.

We inspire, mentor and congratulate each other on our successes. Come out to our next event and find out how the Women in Technology community can help you.


To connect the creative, innovative and hardworking women in the Microsoft eco-system for the purpose of:
* providing mutual support in achieving professional and personal goals;
* attracting and retaining women into careers in information technology;
* furthering the objectives of IAMCP; and
* building a global community of like-minded women who meet annually at WPC.


Diversity is good for business. Gender diversity introduces innovation which fuels better business, builds stronger relationships and increases profitability. We will attract a strong membership by example – by acting ethically, honestly and courageously and through an ongoing commitment to community outreach activities.


* Leveraging the power of global relationships, collaboration and learning to build a strong eco-system of women who can provide support and mutual learning

* Valuing diversity, fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treating each person in a manner that reflects respect.
* Understanding that each of us has the power to change the lives of others – we will use every interaction as an opportunity to impact others in a positive way

* Fostering a culture of community involvement and volunteerism – finding ways to give back to charities that reflect our commitment to improving the lives of others

Check out Calling All Women in the Microsoft Ecosystem – Join Us Now – an amazing blog by Gail Mercer-MacKay. Watch the video and hear about why you should join IAMCP/Women in Technology!

A Letter to the IAMCP WIT Community from Gail Mercer-MacKay

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