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IAMCP Canada Members featured in the Member Showcase Program

IAMCP Canada November Member Showcase: ProServeIT and Sologlobe

To view the presentation of the Member Showcase Webinar presentation featuring ProServeIT and Sologlobe Click here ProServeIT ProServeIT is a Microsoft Gold partner focused on cloud and the roadmap to effective cloud use.  ProServeIT built out a set of portal enhancements that can help your customers accelerate this journey.  Join ProServeIT to learn about our Board Portal … Continue reading

IAMCP Canada October Member Showcase: Cirius and EDI Gateway

EDI Gateway
EDI Gateway is Canada’s leading EDI Outsourcing Center, providing complete EDI solutions to corporations across North America.

Cirius Secure Messaging
Ensure Office 365 users meet regulatory compliance. Learn how Cirius transforms Office 365 into a powerful, secure communications platform.

To view the presentation of the Member Showcase Webinar presentation featuring Cirius and EDI Gateway Click here

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IAMCP Canada September Member Showcase: Negotium and Xpertdoc

Negotium Technologies Inc.
Negotium Technologies Inc., Microsoft Gold Partner and Inner Circle in 2015, offers a strategic business approach centered around technology, the implementation of integrated business knowledge systems and provides infrastructure and support services to midsize North American business.

Xpertdoc, a Microsoft Gold Partner and leader in Customer Communications Management enables organizations to create, manage and deliver highly personalized, Omni Channel communications across the entire customer lifecycle.

To view the presentation of the Member Showcase Webinar presentation featuring Negotium and Xpertdoc Click here

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IAMCP Canada June Member Showcase: Pythian and Rovable

Pythian is a global leader in data consulting and managed services that specializes in optimizing and managing mission-critical data systems. Pythian blends the world’s leading data experts with advanced, secure service delivery processes to create the industry’s best standard of care for its clients.

Rovable aims to evolve the traditional staffing industry by providing a platform that intelligently matches local independent professionals to business opportunities while making the hiring process easy, efficient and cost-effective.

To view the presentation of the Member Showcase Webinar presentation featuring Pythian and Rovable Click here

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IAMCP Canada May Member Showcase: Point Alliance and Rimrock

Point Alliance
Point Alliance is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and a Xamarin Partner delivering mobile solutions to clients through the power of C#.

Rimrock Corporation
Rimrock Corporation are the developers of FIELDBOSS and specialize in integrated Microsoft Dynamics software solutions.

To view the presentation of the Member Showcase Webinar presentation featuring Point Alliance and Rimrock Click here

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