Canada is the Only IAMCP Chapter in the World to Have a Microsoft Advocate on the Board – Here’s Why That Matters

As representatives of partners within the Microsoft ecosystem, IAMCP seeks to provide the resources, networking and information essential towards building strong and successful businesses for Partners. Part of this mandate includes facilitating a relationship with Microsoft and until recently, this facilitation was done primarily through funding and a more hands-off approach from Microsoft. Until now. … Continue reading

Why the Secret to a Successful Partnership is Found in Your Own Business

Andrew Coulson, a veteran leader within the Microsoft Partner Network, shares the common denominator of the most successful partnerships and says why it’s possible for any company to be just as successful. There is a common misconception that partnership success occurs when two otherwise successful companies come together and good things just automatically happen. This … Continue reading

IAMCP Canada Welcomes Newest Board Member – John Zarei

Agility and drive are two highly sought after characteristics of a remarkable treasurer.  John Zarei, CEO of Point Alliance knows all about driving growth and having the agility to meet customer demand and has graciously volunteered his time to be the treasurer of IAMCP Canada.  John heads up the cloud and web services practice of … Continue reading

Metra IT Receives Invaluable Support through IAMCP Membership

86% of Information and Communication Technology companies in Canada are small businesses and even though SMB is dominating the Canadian technology marketplace, small businesses still feel like a little fish in a big pond.  Most often, small businesses do not have the same resources for marketing, on-going training and industry support creating a gap in … Continue reading

Representing the East – Cistel joins IAMCP Canada Chapter

“We pride ourselves on the creation of strong, lasting relationships and the dedication to delivering best-in-class services. We are looking forward to developing these types of relationships and partnerships within the IAMCP community.”