Haiti Update – August 2017

School Update – Thank You The school in Haiti recently adopted by Harvest for Humanity serves over 300 children and their families. For the last two years, teachers have not been paid and the children have had no desks, books or other supplies – but that is about to...

IAMCP Canada Welcomes Newest Board Member – John Zarei

Agility and drive are two highly sought after characteristics of a remarkable treasurer.  John Zarei, CEO of Point Alliance knows all about driving growth and having the agility to meet customer demand and has graciously volunteered his time to be the treasurer of...

Metra IT Receives Invaluable Support through IAMCP Membership

86% of Information and Communication Technology companies in Canada are small businesses and even though SMB is dominating the Canadian technology marketplace, small businesses still feel like a little fish in a big pond.  Most often, small businesses do not have the...

Member Showcase

A special benefit program for IAMCP Canada members!

The ability to grow your business by partnering with other Microsoft Partners is often cited as one of the major benefits of joining IAMCP Canada. You can now take advantage of a new program to easily showcase your business to numerous IAMCP members and contacts.

Did you know that the most frequently selected links in our monthly newsletter are the links back to the partner who is mentioned? Partners want to know what other Partners do!

Each month we will showcase an IAMCP Member.

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IAMCP Canada March 2013 Newsletter

10 Tips for making the most of Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Event. Participate in the IDC Partner to Partner Survey. Read about the status of new Benefits and the Windows 8 App Cup!. You can also learn about upcoming IAMCP Canada events and news from the Microsoft...