2017 IAMCP Board Set to Revolutionize Member Experience

The board members for IAMCP Canada are keeping it simple yet powerful this year – deliver increased value for members by listening to what their needs are and create the resources and events that make their experience within the Canadian technology scene, specifically the Microsoft ecosystem, easier.

“A Microsoft Partner enjoys many benefits through that partnership – so why would that partner also want to join the IAMCP”, said Andrew Coulson, VP of Partner 2 Partner Initiatives. “That is the question we are addressing this year through the events we host, the communications we send out, and the resources we make available. And the answer should be simple – because IAMCP offers that member something more.”

Jim Barnett, Promys Systems, a Canadian Professional Services Automation Software Company is one of 12 of IAMCP board members this year who have committed their expertise to helping Canadian technology companies drive revenue streams through partnerships. It was important that we have a diverse representation of different types of partners on the board to truly represent the IT ecosystem in Canada.

“It is important for us to be able to add something extra for our members and as we develop our listening tools and understand where we can offer the most guidance”, said Corinne Sharp, President IAMCP Canada. “I am confident that not only will more companies within Canada want to join the IAMCP, but our members will also start to see tangible results because of their enrollment in the association.”

To discover what that extra something is that IAMCP members are looking for from their participation in the IAMCP, the board members plan to amp up communications efforts, specifically in creating content that encourages participation and allows members more of a voice in determining the direction of the association.

“We want our members to know that they should expect to see us more in their inboxes and news feeds in the coming months,” said Gail Mercer-MacKay, Marketing Lead at IAMCP Canada. “The success of the IAMCP and our members depends on two-way communication and it is my goal to encourage avenues for conversation as much as possible. Our members are increasingly turning their ears towards their own customers for input into product and solution development – IAMCP needs to do the same.”