IAMCP WIT is proud to partner with Harvest for Humanity to deliver our First Ever Women’s Conference in Haiti

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With a Vision Beyond Her Years, Darline Knows What Her Country and Its People Need in Order to Rebuild… Hope

Name: Darline C. Big Goal: Study International Relations and become a Development Agent for Haiti Big Obstacle: Tuition Fees What Darline Needs: Tuition support; work experience; access to technology Darline is in her final year of studies at College Classique...
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When a Lack of Funds Meant No Education, This Young Woman Cleaned Classrooms to Pay Her Own Way

Name: Shella J. Big Goal: Start a nutrition business catering to people with diabetes, providing jobs for others as well Big Obstacle: Tuition fees What Shella Needs: Tuition support; work experience The second of four daughters, 21-year-old Shella lives with her...
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With your support, Wandalesky can achieve her goal of getting a university education so she can help others in Haiti to live better lives

Name: Wandalesky B. Big Goal: To earn a university degree in marketing, and to encourage Haiti’s youth to strive for successful careers Big Obstacle: With her father deceased and a single mother working part-time, Wandalesky is lacking financial support What...
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Already Demonstrating Exceptional Leadership Skills, this Visionary Young Woman Has Plans for How Technology Can Help Shape Haiti’s Future

Name: Stefania E. Big Goal: Bring Haiti’s young people into the 21st century by teaching them about technology and improving their employment opportunities Big Obstacle: Tuition fees What Stefania Needs: Tuition support; greater access to technology Like many Haitian...
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With Haiti’s Struggling Economy in Her Cross-Hairs, this Tenacious Young Woman is Determined to Make a Difference

Name: Clarisse A. Big Goal: Study economics and help to change Haiti’s economic status Big Obstacle: Tuition fees What Clarisse Needs: Tuition support to complete her studies; access to technology In Clarisse’s family, funding education is a challenge, particularly as...
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With 5 Languages Under Her Belt, This Young Woman Has the Potential to Use Technology to Climb Out of Poverty – With Your Help

Name: Laure-Naїveka Charles Big Goal: Graduate from a linguistics program and become an international translator Big Obstacle: Tuition fees What Laure-Naїveka Needs: Tuition support to complete her studies; greater access to technology Laure-Naїveka lives in Haiti’s...
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As An Advocate for Children, Sophie Is on A Selfless Career Path Focused on Ensuring that the Orphans in her Community Will Have a Future

***This young woman, Sophie, has been adopted by WIT partner Christine Bongard who is spearheading her fundraising efforts. If you would like to support her, click the “Donate Now” button.*** Name: Sophie O. Big Goal: To be an advocate for children by owning and...
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A Shining Light in the Face of Adversity – How One Young Woman is Overcoming Struggles to Make Her World a Better Place

Name: Sheїla G. Big Goal: Graduate from a management program and ultimately work to help the community, particularly the children, as they are our future Big Obstacle: Tuition fees What Sheїla Needs: Tuition support to complete her studies; greater access to...
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