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A Shining Light in the Face of Adversity – How One Young Woman is Overcoming Struggles to Make Her World a Better Place

Name: Sheїla Gelin Big Goal: Graduate from a management program and ultimately work to help the community, particularly the children, as they are our future Big Obstacle: Tuition fees What Sheїla Needs: Tuition support to complete her studies; greater access to...
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Bithja Longs To Finish Her Education So She In Turn Can Help Educate Others

Big Goal: Open a school to teach English to Haitian students, allowing them to compete in the global economy Big Obstacle: Tuition fees, computer literacy What Bithja Needs: Tuition support, computer access, ongoing English lessons and mentorship Bithja Milord is a...
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Neila Wants to Continue Her Education so One Day She Can Empower The Youth from Her Community to Strive for Greatness

Name: Neila Raphie Emile Big Goal: Graduate Hotel Management, become a Master Chef, then work on her master’s degree so she has the necessary skills to help the youth of Haiti Big Obstacle: Completing her education and having a conduit through which she can share her...
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Patricia Could Make A Monumental Impact in her Community and on the Lives of So Many by Simply Having Access to Current Technology

Name: Patricia Saint Cilien Big Goal: Obtain a master’s degree in criminology, teach English in her community, and encourage woman to become advocates for their rights Big Obstacle: Lack of funding and access to computers What Patricia Needs: Computer access,...
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Growing Up Never Knowing Her Father, Magdarlyne Has Developed into an Independent Woman Who Wants A STEM Education, So She Can Help Others

Name: Magdarlyne Perrier Big Goal: Graduate from a STEM program and ultimately work in healthcare to educate and serve others Big Obstacle: Tuition fees What Magdarlyne Needs: Tuition support, computer access, ongoing English lessons and mentorship On the back of her...
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Samantha Lost All Her Money and Possessions during a Robbery, And Is Still Dedicated to Giving Back to Help Others

Name: Samantha Johana Big Goal: To become a pediatrician so she can help children Big Obstacle: Robbed of all her possessions and is struggling to raise the necessary funds to complete her education What Samantha Needs: Assistance with tuition and access to current...
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Sylvina Needs Technology Skills to Make Her Dreams of Helping Create Jobs for Other Haitians a Reality

Name: Sylvina Metellus Big Goal: Gain Computer Literacy, Learn English, Get Gainful Employment Big Obstacle: No Access to Computers, No Way to Learn English & Get Skills She Needs What Sylvina Needs: Computer Access and Lessons, English Lessons, Mentorship At the...
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Kimberlie Lost Members of Her Family in the Earthquake, But Not Her Dreams for a Better Life

  Name: Kimberlie Francois Big Goal: Finish University, Learn Computer Skills Big Obstacle: No Access to Computers, No Way to Attend University What Kimberlie Needs: Tuition, Computer Access and Lessons, English Lessons Kimberlie Francois is a 17 year old student...
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